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We track all movements around the world to get the best odds for you.

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Set Alarms On Match

With EasyBet you can easily set multiple alarms and get notified when the odds-alarm is triggered. No need to monitor your favorite bookie site manually anymore.


We have created a very simple app that is giving you a quick overview of the odds of any given match there is. See a brief history of the odds changes.


Filter out any bookie, country or specific leagues that you don't need. Easy to set up and very intuitive design. We have made it simple and everybody can use it.

Mobile & always up2date!

With this app you will never have to be at home to monitor any of your matches.

Amazing features

Let EasyBet monitor all your odds for you. No need to stay at home to watch various websites to get the best odds. You are mobile and always on the move. But you still get all the best odds by notification.

Fully customizable

Filter out any data that is not of any interest to you. Say you have a few bookies that you can play with. Your favorite bookies. Filter out bookies that you can play with. Filter out any league that is not in your interest. As an example only Denamrk's 'Superliga' is your favorite. Filter out everyting else -making the perfect view for you. Just do it. Simple and easy!

Clean & functional layout

We have made everything easy to use. Anybody are able to use it. Simply create your filter and BOOM your done.


  • "It's so simple to use - it's UNBLEVABLE"
    Klaus Steffensen (Former Pro Gambler)
  • "What an awsome app! Ready to go - no hazzle with tracking websites anymore!"
    Alesis Sidmore (Simple User)
  • "If I had this app 10 years ago I would have been able to make serious money!"
    Alex Sanders